Wholesale Terms & Conditions

By purchasing products from BrainFPV LLC, you (“Retailer”) accept the terms and conditions described below.

Order Process

Products are only shipped after payment has been received in full. When placing an order that includes items that are pre-order status, we will send you an e-mail when the order is close to ready to being shipped. If the payment has not been made at the time of placing the order, we expect payment at that time. Orders that are ready to ship and are not being paid for more than 5 days will be cancelled and the stock will be released to other customers.

Minimum Advertised Price Policy

BrainFPV LLC supports the efforts of our worldwide retailers by establishing an unilateral Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy (“Policy”). The Policy applies to all retailers, except where prohibited by law. The Policy applies to all advertisements which include published information and communications which reference products that carry a MAP price. Published information is any print, radio, television, electronic, signage, flyer, facsimile, text or other media made available for a commercial purpose. Online media includes email, web pages (both public and those for registered users), newsletters, auction sites, social media, online catalogs, and any communication accessible by a web browser. The MAP is in U.S. Dollars only and all monetary values shall be the equivalent, or greater, in the current foreign currency exchange rate in place, per http://www.oanda.com

The following will be considered violations of the BrainFPV LLC MAP Policy:

  • Any advertisement not approved by BrainFPV LLC stating or implying the availability of a product below the MAP.
  • Any advertisement not approved by BrainFPV LLC of coupons, rebates, promotions or other discounts that lower the advertised price of a product below the MAP.
  • When applied to online advertisement, in-the-cart prices are considered to be advertisement offers and are subject to this Policy.
  • Any effort to circumvent, evade or violate the letter or spirit of this Policy.

Failure to follow the BrainFPV LLC MAP Policy may result in suspension of or termination of your account without notice.

Return Policy

All BrainFPV LLC products are fully tested prior to shipping, so the probability of products with manufacturing defects is very low. In the event a product should exhibit a manufacturing defect that impedes the proper operation of the product,  returns can be accepted within 15 days of the sale by an authorized retailer to the end user. Note that defects to due improper handling (e.g. applying 12V to an input that is not rated for this voltage, improper soldering, etc.) and defects due to impact (“crashes”) are not covered by the Return Policy.  All returns must be authorized by BrainFPV LLC. The Retailer will be compensated for returned products by credit on their account. The amount of credit corresponds to the wholesale price the Retailer paid for the returned product. Additional fees for handling returns must be negotiated with BrainFPV LLC prior to accepting the return.

US Export Policies

By accepting the terms and conditions, you certify that:

  1. You sell (and use) the purchased items solely for recreational, civil, or educational activities, and that the items will not be used in weapons, for military purposes, or for other uses contrary to US export law.
  2. You will not forward the items to an end-user with intentions other than those described above.
  3. You will not forward the items to any of the following countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma, Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe.
  4. You understand that we cannot declare items for less than their actual value on customs forms, or alter invoices to hide the contents of our shipments.
  5. BrainFPV LLC is not responsible for any VAT, other taxes or duties that your country may charge when shipping products to you.

Portland, OR, May 18, 2019.